Tora Norrith

The crumbling drum tower and half-finished curtain wall represent all that is left of Tora Norrith, the last great Dwarven stronghold west of the Vogales Mountains. Abandoned centuries ago, the half-built fortress has since been reclaimed by the sparse woodland that dots the Faris Hills. Recently, craftsmen from Terish De’Carn began mobilizing work parties to begin rebuilding the age-old keep, in an effort to erect a strong defensible position west of the weakened village.

The northern terminus of the fortress is a three-story drum tower measuring some 100 feet in diameter. Its walls have crumbled over the years, obscuring the door but allowing easy access for those willing to climb the huge heaps of shaped boulders.

The top level is almost completely destroyed, with huge gaping holes leading down to the second level. The small battlements are sized for dwarf warriors, not humans.

The middle level appears to have served as a barracks. Stone bunks and storehouses populate this floor.

The bottom level is carved into the hillside a little bit—it’s nearly pitch black. There’s a fair amount of rubble here from the collapsed ceilings above. A small creek has found its way through the castle’s foundation and now flows through this basement level and into the hillside. This underground stream opens into a much larger cavern complex deeper in the hillside.

Tora Norrith

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