A shining beacon crafted out of red-and-white granite, Curnitha stands among the Faris Hills as a fortress monastery to the Paladins of the Sounding Sword, a group of holy knights who have long maintained a presence here on the frontier. Curnitha’s operations are guided by Knight Commander Lucius Pentus, a high-ranking paladin who leads the order.

The city itself is dominated by an ancient, sprawling stone castle, upon which are mounted many wondrous works of art, most depicting the brothers of the Sounding Sword shepherding the weak and resisting the forces of darkness.

Since the end of the Great Campaign, Curnitha has seen its resources and manpower stretched to the absolute breaking point. Villages near and far petition the paladins for aid, and exhaustion has begun to take its toll on the dwindling supply of holy knights. There are now too few paladins in Curnitha at any given time to sufficiently man the granite battlements.

The castle overlooks a large flooded river valley, which was itself once home a larger collection of fortifications and battlements. Historians speculate that in eons past the two sites were part of an immense fortified complex that has since fallen into ruin, with only Castle Curnitha still standing today. The flooded ruins are strewn with subterranean passages and dank, flooded hallways leading into the site’s sub-levels and dungeons. Lately, bandit groups have begun to plumb the depths of these water-logged tunnels, searching for a secret entrance to Castle Curnitha itself.


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