Autumn Frontiers

Unfinished Business at the Ruined Monastery

Autumn Frontiers, Session 10

The party—Prometheor, Trekhart, Atabraxes Stormcrow, Jalez and Kez—scaled the high cliffs of the Cradle Bluffs and beheld the mystery of Naspers: a circle of standing stones that radiated foul power. Strung on chains between the stones were the gruesome remains of several human bodies. In the center of the circle, a singular block of solid rock appeared out of place in the grassy hillock. Over the lip of the cliff, some 100 feet below, the river burbled quietly as it snaked through the grim swampland.

The adventurers didn’t tarry in the strange region, for they felt its raw, untapped power gnawing at their own magical energy. They quickly gathered what artifacts could be found: 4 obsidian skeleton keys from the fabled Darkwater Keep, as well as a map showing the location of the hulking ruin.

They spent the night near the circle of standing stones and encountered a trio of traveling druids, but were otherwise unmolested.

The next day the party headed back to Naspers and loaded up their loot, including a prodigious amount of silver coins and other valuable items. They set off on foot for Delen, intending to return and take a well-earned rest, but they were sidetracked when their journey took them near the ruined monastery that had claimed Everitt’s life.

The barbarian Atabraxes, consumed with rage and vengeance, led the party into the depths of the dungeon in an attempt to root out the evil that festered there. This led them into a confrontation with a giant purple worm that burst through the dungeon floor and swallowed Atabraxes whole! Only the concerted efforts of his fellow adventurers saved him from a grisly death (and subsequent digestion).

Exhausted from their efforts at exploring the monastery, the party camped for the night in a room near the entrance to the ruins. Giant spiders boiled up from the gaping hole in the floor and sought to defeat the rogues, but they fought back and slew the beasts. Thus their safety was ensured for another night…


And in fact it was this very night upon which The Stormcrow gained vengeance against the last few gargoyles that had slain the blood of Atabraxes, Everet fleet of foot. The rocky foes were thrown down by the flame of Prometheor and the singing axe of the great hero. Vengeance was finally his.


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