Autumn Frontiers

Go west, to the Great River

Autumn Frontiers, Session 6

The five adventurers (Prometheor, Kez, Everitt, Jalez and Balthus) awoke the next morning in Castle Curnitha. The morning was bright and cold; autumn was slowly giving way to winter, and the paladins at Curnitha implored Balthus to stay and help them stock provisions for the cold season. He declined, choosing instead to join his newfound friends on their quest south. After some discussion, they decided their best chance at finding the route to Naspers would be to make their way to Delen, a large village situated on the banks of the Great River.

Knight Commander Lucius Pentus, the captain of the few remaining paladins at Curnitha, offered wise counsel as to the best route to Delen. “Head west, to the Great River, and then follow it south,” he said. “That is the way to Delen.”

And so the party set off. The sky was clear and the wind cut through their heavy cloaks; winter was indeed close at hand. The route west cut through the Faris Hills. In the early afternoon, Kez spotted dark shapes high in the sky, circling the party. He attempted to drive them off, to no avail. At the same time Everitt, who was traveling ahead of the main party, came across a ruined village. Bodies clad in the livery of the invading army were strewn about in the grassy valley near burnt-out huts and shacks. The bodies had been savaged by an unknown foe.

The party moved on, reaching a high bluff overlooking the Great River’s east bank by dusk. There they bore witness to a mysterious phenomenon; as the sun set, a shimmering curtain of green energy rose silently from the river, cordoning off the west bank from the party as far as the eye could see. The five adventurers later learned that this magical enchantment was meant to protect the lands near Curnitha and Terish De’Carn from the savage beasts who dwelled across the Great River.

During the night, the party heard a commotion and was drawn back to the abandoned village. There, in the light of Prometheor’s sword, they saw two large ravens lifting corpses out of the ground. These dead husks, having been animated by arcane energies, then lurched forward to attack the adventurers!

The battle was brief but intense, and one of the black ravens escaped into the night. The next day, the party continued the trek south, following the east bank of the Great River. At midday, they came across a barge crewed by stout men. Words were exchanged, and the boat’s captain agreed to ferry them the rest of the way to Delen.

At Delen, the five adventurers gained decent lodging at the Spitted Boar, a tavern of mild repute. They eagerly washed away the filth of the last two weeks in the tavern’s bathhouse before enjoying a pint of ale in the common room. Naspers was the topic at hand, and the adventurers sought advice on how to get there and what they might expect to find. All present agreed that Naspers was a cursed place, having been consumed by the fetid swamp that surrounded it, and was a place best left forgotten.

This did not sit well with the five rogues, and they made plans to quest for Naspers in a week’s time.



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